Dance Connection 2018-19 Handbook

Monthly tuition is calculated for each day we offer classes, and excludes holidays and canceled classes per our holiday schedule. Therefore, tuition will vary each month. For example, if a month includes a holiday, the holiday class is not billed. Likewise, if a month has five weeks, the tuition will reflect that increase.

Makeup classes are allowed, and recommended for any missed classes aside from our Dance Connection scheduled holidays. Makeup classes may be scheduled online in your dance account.

It is possible to schedule a Trial/Drop In class for any 45 minute class at the rate of $25.00. Drop in $30 for any 60 minute class and $35 for 90 minutes. Rather than click to “Enroll,” select the option to “Request a Trial/Drop In Class.”

Tuition will not be adjusted due to absence or vacation. Monthly fees are calculated on a weekly basis by the total number of hours taken each week.

The tuition scale reflects the total number of dance instruction hours each week. A 45 minute class would be listed as .75 on the scale, and two 45 minute classes would be listed as 1.5. The weekly rate is calculated into a monthly tuition, and appears as “auto tuition” on your statement. Auto tuition does not indicate an auto-pay program, but rather the automatically calculated tuition for that month. After 8 hours of instruction, the monthly rate includes unlimited classes. Please review our policies, and let us know if you have any questions.

Coppelia Ballet costumes: Costumes tend to cost between $45-$90 depending on the age and level of dancers from low to high.

10% discount for each additional family member.

*extra charge for small group classes will apply.

Cancellations: We require a two week written notice to drop a class. This may be via email to: During this two week notice period, tuition is due and payable. No tuition refunds will be issued.

Returned check fee is $25.00.

Please note our Holiday closing. *DC Holidays”

Registration Fees: $45 new student, $35 returning students

Tuition 2019 Summer Weekly Rates

Hours / Week $ / Week
0.5 22.50
0.75 25.45
1.0 27.63
1.25 30.54
1.5 34.90
1.75 39.27
2.0 43.63
2.25 47.99
2.5 52.36
2.75 56.72
3.0 60.36
3.25 63.99
3.5 68.36
3.75 71.26
4.0 74.17
4.25 77.08
4.5 79.99
4.75 82.17
5.0 84.35
5.25 87.26
5.5 90.17
5.75 93.08
6.0 100.00
6.25 102.01
6.5 105.25
6.75 107.90
7.0 110.57
7.25 113.86
7.5 117.16
7.75 120.44
8.0 124.75


Unlimited Class Tuition for Company Dancers:

Connectors: $200

Dance Teams and Connector Annual Fee: $250

DCPC Mini Team, Dance Team, and Teen Jazz Team

Hip Hop Crews: $345

DCPC Junior, Teen, Senior Teams, Ballet Company and Trainee Company: $399