DCPC Willy Wonka Production 2018

In10sity, April 22 2018

LADM Competition results, January 2018

G= gold, HG= high gold, P= platinum

Aria (Sanaia & Zoe duo): HG- 1st in Jr. contemp duo/trio category
Crayola (Anna R. & Vit duo): HG- 2nd in Jr. tap duo/trio category & 3rd overall Jr. duo/trio
Walk With You (Atticus, Eden, & Natalie M. contemp trio): HG
Head Up High (Haley & Riley jazz duo): HG
Rainbow (Anna H., Meri, & Theresa lyrical trio): HG
Down (Taylor contemp solo): HG
False Alarm (Sage lyrical solo): P
Blow Your Mind (Lana jazz solo): HG
Lessons (Jaclyn contemp solo): HG
Easy (Kennedy contemp solo): P
Why Don’t You Love Me (Jr. Prep Team): HG
Forever Young (Jr Small Group Lyrical): HG- 2nd in Jr. lyrical group category
Trouble (Junior Team): HG- 2nd in Jr. jazz line category
I Can Do That! (Petite Mini Team): HG- 3rd in Jr. jazz line category
Bruno Party (Tim’s piece): HG- 2nd in Jr. Hip Hop extended line category
Berlin (Lilian’s piece): Double P- 2nd in Teen lyrical group category &: 2nd overall Teen group
I Think If I’m Evil (Teen Small Group contemp): P -1st in Teen contemp group category
What’s a Girl Gotta Do (Tap Team): HG- 2nd in Teen tap group category
The Day is at Hand (Teen Team): HG
Jungle (Jr. Teen Team): HG
Time (Barry’s piece): P- 1st in Teen hip hop extended line category & 2nd overall teen extended line
Animal (Senior Team): P- 3rd in Senior contemporary group
Willy Wonka (DCPC ALL): P-3rd in Teen musical theater production category & 3rd overall Teen Production
Berlin was chosen to perform at the faculty show!



NYCDA, March 2018
Weekend NYCDA Final Results

Rainbow: Gold, Outstanding interpretation and staging
False Alarm: High Gold, Outstanding stage presence and interpretation
Down: High Gold, Outstanding interpretation, presence and focus
Blow Your Mind: High Gold, Outstanding showmanship and style
Walk With You: Platinum, 5th overall, Outstanding musicality and staging
Head Up High: Gold, Outstanding interpretation and stage presence
Lessons: Gold, Outstanding stage presence
Easy: Gold, Outstanding showmanship
Animal: High Gold, Outstanding staging and stage presence
Forever Young: Platinum, 1st place Lyrical, 4th place overall, Outstanding expression and partnering, nominated for Critics Choice award
Why Don’t You Love Me: Gold, Outstanding personality
I Think If I’m Evil: Platinum, 5th place Open, Outstanding attack and partnering, nominated for Critics Choice award
I Can Do That!: Gold, Outstanding energy and cuteness
What’s a Girl Gotta Do: High Gold, 2nd place tap, Outstanding smile
Trouble: Gold, Outstanding showmanship and smiles
Bruno Party: Platinum, 3r place extended large production, Outstanding showmanship and personality, nominated for Critics Choice award
Jungle: High Gold, 9th place Jazz, Outstanding energy and concept
Berlin: Platinum, 2nd place Lyrical, Outstanding stage presence, Outstanding interpretation, nominated for Critics Choice award
Willy Wonka: High Gold, Outstanding showmanship, staging, and interpretation, nominated for Critics Choice award
Time: Platinum, 5th place Hip Hop, Outstanding attack, showmanship, energy and concept
The Day is At Hand: High Gold, Outstanding staging
NYCDA Scholarship Finalists:
Mini: Clara, Kayley, Avani, Sanaia
Junior: Kaitlyn, Kennedy, Sienna, Rachel, Caroline
Teen: Evie, Leah, Riley, Sophie, Atticus
Senior: Lisa, Kennedy, Naya, Mika, Taylor
Future Star: Sanaia Shields
Nominated Outstanding Jazz: Kayley Ko
Nominated Outstanding Hip Hop: Kaitlyn Chen, Natalie Churchley, Sienna Dunn, Leah Jang
Accepted to the Summer Intensive: Evie Barclay and Atticus Scherer
Accepted to the Winter Intensive: Lisa Deng
National Convention Scholarships: Kaitlyn Chen, Lisa Deng, Emmy Robinson
Radix: March 16-18, 2018

Rainbow: gold
Crayola: high goldDown: gold
False Alarm: high gold
Blow Your Mind: gold
Head Up High: high gold
What’s A Girl Gotta Do: gold
I Think If I’m Evil: high gold
Trouble: gold
Bruno Party: high gold, 3rd overall extended line
Lessons: gold
Easy: gold
Forever Young: high gold
Why Don’t You Love Me: high gold
I Can Do That!: gold
Berlin: high gold
Animal: high gold
The Day Is At Hand: gold
Jungle: high gold
Time: high gold
Willy Wonka: high gold, 3rd overall teen production, 1st overall musical theatre, Studio Standout award

Radix Awards went to: Olivia Fong, Kayley Ko, Leah Jang, Tahlia Fehl, Natalie Churchley, Amadea Domokos, Lucy Li, Kaitlyn Chen, Sienna Dunn, Isabella Daly, Sophie Lamm, Evie Barclay

In10sity: April 21-22, 2018

  • Aria: High Gold, 2nd overall Premier Duet/Trio Junior
  • Crayola: High Gold
  • Forever Young: High Gold, 5th overall Premier Small Group Junior
  • Why Don’t You Love Me: Gold
  • Trouble: High Gold, 5th overall Premier Large Group Junior
  • Blow Your Mind: High Gold, Intense Teen Dancer-Lana Vogler
  • False Alarm: High Gold, Intense Teen Dancer-Sage Toomre
  • Easy: Platinum, Intense Senior Dancer-Kennedy Herron
  • Down: High Gold, Intense Senior Dancer-Taylor Yamashita
  • Lessons: High Gold
  • Walk With You: Gold
  • Rainbow: High Gold, 2nd overall Premier Duet/Trio Teen
  • Head Up High: High Gold
  • Animal: High Gold
  • Bruno Party: Platinum, 6th overall Premier Large Group Teen
  • Time: Platinum, 4th overall Premier Large Group Teen
  • Jungle: High Gold, 8th overall Premier Large Group Teen
  • The Day Is At Hand: High Gold

5th All around studio award with “Time” as the highest scoring studio routine