G= gold
HG= high gold
P= platinum

Fabulous- Sophie & Leah Hip Hop duo (P) and 1st in category
Pythagoreon Theorem- Vit, Anna H., & Anna R. Tap trio (G)
Earth- Ashley solo (P) and 3rd in category
Grown- Rowan, Sophia, and Tahlia Jazz trio (G)
Parade- Mika solo (HG) & 2nd in category
All I Want- Teagan solo (P) & 3rd in category
Wonder- Tap Team (G)
It’s About That Walk- Jr. Teen Team A (HG)
How Does It Feel?- Jaclyn solo (HG)
All We Do- Cayla solo (HG)
Braveheart- Jr. Teen Team B (P)
Rise- Jr Small group (HG)
True Colors- Mini Small group (P) and 1st in category
I’m In Love With a Monster- Mini Team (HG) and 1st in category
Sand- Senior Team (P); 1st in category; 2nd Overall Teen Groups and chosen
to perform in the faculty show
Cali Girls- Barry’s Hip Hop (HG) & 2nd in category
Word Up!- Teen Team (HG)
ISO- Lilian’s Contemp (HG) & 2nd in category
Remember the Time- Tim’s Hip Hop (HG) & 3rd in category
Matilda- Production DCPC All (HG); 1st in category (only one in category
of Musical Theater Production); AND 3rd overall Teen Production

The placement of how the pieces did is not important, but that we continue
to work hard and grow as a team and keep on learning. I’m so proud of
each and every dancer. What an awesome way to start off the season!

Scholarship Finalists: Megan, Teagan, Taylor, Natalie, Evie

Scholarship Recipients:
-Lisa: Magic Performer of the Weekend
-Angela: Single Convention Scholarship
-Ashley: National Convention Scholarship
-Anna C.: National Convention Scholarship
-Sophie L.: National Convention Scholarship


Monster’s Hip Hop Convention, April 2016

Congratulations to the Hip Hop Crews for their outstanding
SHOWCASE performance! Haley Ho won a 2017 convention scholarship!


NRG Convention/Competition April 30-May 1
Pure Love – High Gold
•Loud – High Gold, Teen Musical Theater Solo
•Say You Love Me – High Gold
•Yesterday’s Tomorrow – High Gold
•FUN! – Gold
•Summer Day – High Gold, Junior Contemporary/Lyrical Duo/Trio 3rd
•Credits – High Gold
•Party In The Sun – Gold
•Lights – High Gold, Junior Jazz Group 3rd
•The Missy Squad – High Gold
•Yours – Senior Contemporary/Lyrical Group 2nd?, Overall Senior Group 3rd,
$100 cash award
•Rocky – High Gold, Junior Production 1st, $500 cash award
•Mr. Almost Right – Platinum, Junior Jazz Line 1st, Overall Line 2nd $250
cash award, Junior High Voltage Award $100 cash award
•Like I’m Gonna Lose You – High Gold
•End of the Affair – Platinum
•Calm Down, U Can’t Stop Me – High Gold
•RWBY – Gold
•Lullaby – High Gold, , Teen Open 1st
•Into Sound – High Gold, Junior Hip Hop Line, 1st
•Clap Snap – High Gold
•You and Me – Platinum, Teen Jazz Line 1st, Overall Teen Line 2nd $250
cash award


NYCDA: March 2016
Weekend NYCDA Final Results

•Loud – Gold
•Lullaby – High Gold, 4th Overall Teen Duos/Trios
•Summer Day – Gold, Outstanding Smiles Award, 5th Place Mini High Score
Duo/Trio, Outstanding Costume Award
•FUN! – Gold, “fun” Award, 5th Place Junior High Score Duo/Trio
•Lights – High Gold, Outstanding Interpretation Award, Nominated for
Critics Choice in the Mini Division
•Party In The Sun – Gold, Outstanding Smiles Award
•Mr. Almost Right – High Gold, Outstanding Concept Award, 4th Place Mini
High Score Jazz, 3rd Place Mini High Score Line, Nominated for Critics
Choice in the Mini Division
•The Missy Squad – Gold, Outstanding Style Award
•RWBY – Gold, Outstanding Energy Award
•Credits – Gold, Outstanding Intensity Award
•Into Sound – Platinum, Outstanding Showmanship Award, 2nd Place Junior
High Score Hip Hop, 3rd Place Junior High Score Extended Line, Nominated
for Critics Choice in the Junior Division
•Yesterday’s Tomorrow – Gold
•End of the Affair – Platinum, 4th Place Teen High Score Contemporary, 5th
Place Teen High School Group, Studio Standout Award ◦The
Contemporary and Teen Group categories were quite large. Congratulations
Caroline, Angela, Lisa and Mika!
• You and Me – Gold, Outstanding Staging
•Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Gold
•Yours – Gold, Outstanding Musicality
•Calm Down, U Can’t Stop Me – Gold, Outstanding Energy, Outstanding Precision
•Clap Snap – Gold
•Rocky – Platinum, Precision Award, Outstanding Costume, Outstanding
Showmanship, Outstanding Concept, 2nd Place Teen High Score Musical
Theatre, 3rd Place Teen High Score Large Production


Spotlight: March 2016

#152 Party In The Sun – Ruby, 1st in category (9 years Jazz Large Group)

#236 Lights – Diamond (10 years Jazz Small Group)

#263 Mr. Almost Right – Ruby (10 years Jazz Large Group)

#290 Into Sound – Ruby, 1st in Category (12 years Hip Hop Large Group)

#295 Credits – Ruby, 1st in Category (12 years Jazz Large Group)

#301 Clap Snap – Diamond, Judge’s Award “Fierce & Flawless” (13 years Jazz
Large Group)

#335 RWBY – Ruby (12 years Contemporary Small Group)

#343 The Missy Squad – Ruby (12 years Hip Hop Small Group)

#363 Like I’m Going To Lose You – Ruby (13 years Lyrical Small Group)

#370 Cavalier – Ruby (Student Choreography Small Group)

#411 Lullaby – Ruby, Judge’s Award “Technical Skill” (13 years Acrobatic

#432 End of the Affair – Ruby (15 years Contemporary Small Group)

#438 Yours – Ruby (15 years Lyrical Small Group)

#461 Calm Down, U Can’t Stop me – Ruby (15 years Hip Hop Large Group)

#469 You and Me – Ruby, 1st in Category (15 years Jazz Large Group)

#477 Rocky – Diamond, 1st in Category, $150 Cash Award (Production)
•Rocky Cash Award will be donated to PADCYE on behalf of DCPC.

#494 Summer Day – Ruby, Judge’s Award “Sweet as Pie”(9 years Lyrical
Duo/Trio), 10th Overall Junior Duo/Trios

#514 FUN! – Ruby, 1st in Category (11 years Musical Theatre Duo/Trio)

#570 I See Fire – Ruby (13 years Lyrical solo)

#613.5 These Four Walls – Ruby (15 years Lyrical solo)

#617 Pure Love – Ruby, 1st in Category, Judge’s Award winning an
opportunity to attend a New York event (15 years Jazz solo)

#643 Yesterday’s Tomorrow – Ruby (17-19 years Contemporary solo)

#653 Say You Love Me – Ruby (17-19 years Student Choreography solo)


LADM: February 2016

Dance Down (Juniors) – There were over 130 entries ranging in ages 8-12. A
huge round of applause goes to the following dancers for participating:
Evie, Isabella Yum, Lana, Leah, Sage
•Dancers making it to Round 2: Isabella Y., Lana, Leah, Sage
•Congratulations to Leah for making it to the TOP FIVE! She received a
Saphhire award and qualifies as a member of the Spotlight Elite at 2016
National Finals.

Studio Achievement Award – This is an award for the highest scoring
combination of group dances. The numbers were pre-selected and
pre-registered prior to the event.
•Lights, Into Sound, Yours

Triple Threat Award (Solos only) – Three solos are chosen and
pre-registered. They must be from the same division (Petite, Junior, Teen,
Senior) and recognized for their top scores.
•Senior Triple Threat: Pure Love (Jaclyn), Yesterday’s Tomorrow (Melanie),
Say You Love Me (Melanie)

Congratulations to all who auditioned. It can be a stressful experience
but ◦Melanie won a convention scholarship from Nathan Makolandra’s
Friday night class
◦Rachel and Atticus won Ballet scholarships!
◦A huge round of applause to Lisa!!! ◾Awarded a $700
scholarship to the Peridance Capezio Center’s Teen Summer Intensive in NYC
(a three-week comprehensive training program June 27-July 17, 2016)
◾Outstanding Teen Dancer in Santa Clara. WOW!

Dupree Convention/Competition: January 2016
•Half-Scholarships awarded to Taylor and Sage
•Isabella Yum chosen as an All-Star! ◦She receives a convention
scholarship to attend classes at Dupree’s 3-day Summer Intensive in
Chicago and is invited to join the All Star Performance Team that is
comprised of All Star winners from cities across the country.