Tuition & Fees

Monthly tuition is due on the first of each calendar month for the Fall to Spring Season. Tuition for classes is pro-rated upon enrollment. Tuition for Summer Session, Workshops, and Dance Camps will be due at time of registration. We accept cash, checks, debit cards and credit cards, however your initial registration fee and first tuition payment must be made as an online payment at the time you register to avoid being dropped from your registered class or classes. It is possible to schedule a Trial/Drop In class for any 45-60 minute class at the rate of $25.00. Rather than click to "Enroll", select the option to "Schedule a Trial/Drop In Class."

Tuition will not be adjusted due to absence or vacation.
Monthly fees are calculated on a weekly basis by the total number of hours taken each week.
Please note our Holiday closing. *DC Holidays”

Tuition is calculated for each day we offer classes, and excludes all holidays and cancelled classes per our holiday schedule. Therefore, tuition will vary each month depending on the total number of hours we offer classes. Tuition will be listed weekly, and the system will calculate each month’s tuition based on the number of classes we offer in that month. If a month has five weeks, the tuition will reflect that increase. Makeup classes are allowed and necessary in the event of illness, or for a vacation other than our Dance Connection scheduled holidays and vacations and may be scheduled online in your dance account.

Company and teams have a tuition override for the months of September through May with no tuition due in June. This is a monthly scholarship rate offered only to our company members. Dancers who are members of more than one company will pay the higher company rate.

The tuition scale below reflects the total number of dance instruction hours each week. A 45 minute class would be listed as .75 on the scale below. Two 45 minute classes would be listed as 1.5. The weekly rate is calculated each week we offer classes, and appears as “auto tuition” on your statement.

2016-2017 Rate Scale
Hours per Week Rate Hours per Week Rate
.5 18.93 3.75 59.40
.75 20.09 4 61.73
1 21.26 4.25 64.04
1.25 25.63 4.5 66.39
1.5 32.61 4.75 67.56
1.75 34.94 5 69.89
2 37.27 5.25 71.64
2.25 39.60 5.5 73.38
2.5 44.26 5.75 75.71
2.75 46.59 6 77.46
3 50.09 6.25 79.50
3.25 54.16 6.5 80.37
3.5 56.49 6.75 82.70
    7 85.61
After 7 hours, the rate includes unlimited classes.*

Adult/Child Class: $22.40 (45 min)
Connectors: $176
Dance Team and Hip Hop Crews: $228
Ballet Company, Trainee, DCPC: $308

Registration Fee: $40 new students, $25 returning students.
Registration fees are not refundable.

Single Class Rate for a Trial/Drop in Class: $25

The Registration Fee is due upon enrollment to any Dance Connection class, and is valid through each school calendar year to include the Fall-Spring Season, Summer Session, and Summer Dance Camps. The registration fee is payable each new Fall-Spring season for both new and returning students.

Once you have an item (class) in your shopping cart, you must follow the steps to check out. You will be able to drop a class only until midnight EST on the day you register. Upon registering, payment is due. The first payment must be made online manually, even if you have selected auto-pay.

Dance Connection Small Group Classes (7 or fewer students) are billed at a higher rate than regular classes.
Small Group Classes cannot accept Trial Class/Drop In students.

Tuition will not be adjusted due to absence or vacation. Monthly fees are calculated on a weekly basis by the total number of hours taken each week. Please note our Holiday closing.

10% discount for each additional family member.

*extra charge for small group classes will apply.

Cancellations: We require a two week written notice to drop a class. This may be via email to: During this two week notice period, tuition is due and payable. No tuition refunds will be issued.

We have a very fair policy regarding our payment for tuition and subsequent assessment of late fees. Payments are due on the first of each calendar month. There is no late fee assessed until after 10th of the month. Any account unpaid after the tenth of the month will have late charges assessed for $5.00. Balances delinquent for more than one month will assess a penalty of 10% of the total monthly tuition. The quality of our facility and faculty depends upon a system of mutual respect and cooperation. We understand that anyone may make a late payment from time to time, but please be respectful of our late fee policy and when applicable, graciously include your late fee in your next payment.

Payments may be made at the main L5 studio, by mail or online at You may also view your account history, edit your family, student, or payment information, and register for a class. You will only be able to drop a class on the same day you register. After midnight on the day you register, you must contact the office via email to initiate a drop or class change at: A 10% tuition discount is offered for any additional family members. This discount is automatically calculated and recorded into your account. The first time you register, this discount will not appear until the next day. Therefore, you may see the full amount initially listed on your account, which will be due and should be paid by midnight to retain your registration. However, after midnight, the system will calculate any discounts, and your account will reflect a credit in the discount amount and this discount will appear through the course of your registration.

Returned check fee is $25.00.